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Indoor emissions—— E1
Indoor emission - E1 to create a healthy indoor environment, it is important to make the indoor use of products with low emissions...
Carbon dioxide neutral emission
DMVP® commissioned the Technische Universiteit Delft conducted a formal LCA for more information...
FSC® is globally recognized as the best and most stringent sustainable forestry certification system in the wood industry. FSC○R certification is also available for bamboo. As pioneer in the bamboo industry, DMVP is able to provide bamboo products with FSC○R certification. StyleMORE>
Bamboo veneer style
  • 12,378 Caramel Plain Pressed
  • 13,378 Caramel Side Pressed
  • 14,378 Natural Plain Pressed
  • 15,378 Natural Side Pressed
  • 16,378 Density Veneer
  • 17,378 Heat treated Veneer
  • 18,378 Woven Veneer
  • 19,378 Zebra Veneer
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