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DMVP offers sustainable bamboo products.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources in the world.

It absorbs CO2 in large quantities. With its properties comparable to hardwood, DMVP® bamboo is the ideal alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods.

Below we will explain why DMVP® is the most sustainable choice in every phase of its life cycle. For the complete story please download the sustainability brochure.

Moso bamboo:
The fast growing hardwood alternative!
The giant bamboo species Moso belongs to the fastest growing plants in the world. It reaches its final length of up to 20 meters within a couple of months (with a speed of up to 1 meter a day during the growing season!). It takes the stem around 4-5 years to mature and acquire its excellent hardwood like characteristics (hardness, strength, dimensional stability). This stands in stark contrast with hardwoods. These take over 50 years to mature, are increasingly scarce and often more expensive.
DMVP® bamboo is a very sustainable choice in your project because:
The giant bamboo species Moso is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. A bamboo stem matures in 4-5 years and acquires its hardwood like characteristics (strength, stability, hardness) in this short time. In comparison: hardwood species need more than 50 years to mature.
A bamboo plant consists of several poles and new shoots start growing yearly. 20-25% of the poles in a sustainable bamboo forest or plantation can be harvested each year. Bamboo does not die after harvesting (like trees), so no deforestation takes place. Even better: by harvesting mature plants, the annual yield and quality of the plantation actually increases.
MOSO International has thoroughly assessed the exact environmental footprint of its bamboo products following leading international standards for environmental reporting. Official LCA studies (ISO 14040/44) executed by Delft University of Technology have confirmed that all solid MOSO® bamboo products are CO2 neutral or better over the full life cycle. This includes all DMVP® solid bamboo products.
Apart from bamboo being a sustainable material, sustainability in the production is very important for DMVP because the environment and the staff is involved. Therefore we comply with the most stringent norms and procedures regarding quality (ISO 9001) and health and safety (FSC®, ISO 14001).
FSC® is the leading certification scheme for sustainable wood sourcing. It was created to prevent the continuous depletion of forests. Although depletion of forests is not an issue for bamboo, in many building projects bamboo is requested with FSC® certification. Bamboo is included in the FSC® system since 2008 and most DMVP® products can be supplied with FSC® certification.
There are very strict rules and norms regarding indoor emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Europe and the USA. DMVP® products comply with the maximum tolerated level of VOCs!
Durable products are more sustainable than products with a short lifetime. The longer the lifetime of a product, the lower the environmental impact will be since less replacement is needed. DMVP® products are high quality products and therefore very durable and therefore sustainable!
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